About My Poetry

Poetry was always a part of my creative development but I never expected it to take on a world of its own. I started writing lyrically when I was very young, yet only recognised it as song writing at the time. It’s only been during the past few years that I have enjoyed poetry and grown familiar to my own style.

Poetry is one of the easier forms of writing for me. You will notice my poems aren’t very long this is because it’s a quick process for me and when I generally feel something I write it down before the feeling goes. Some poems can be done within minutes, and I personally think those are some of my best.


I have always enjoyed playing with words and I can sometimes look at poetry as a puzzle, shifting words from here to there, placing a word where it fits best. You could think of it as a crossword, it’s slightly addictive until you have all the answers! The words themselves, in my opinion are always direct and honest, and for this reason it has taken me a long time to feel comfortable enough to share them with anyone. Now that I can do that I think my poetry could develop and I’m happy to be able to share the experience with you all.       




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